Deadly Resolution 2022

The first XWW PPV of 2022!

Match Card: 1. Kay Holiday vs. Ian Maxwell vs. Diego Hill vs. AJ Myers Elimination Match For XWW United States Championship 2. Money Enterprises vs. Soul Patrol for the XWW Tag Team Titles The Winners immediately face The Heat Seekers 3. Thomas Extreme vs. Jason Kincaid For XWW Internet Championship 4. Fireball vs. Blaqtus Jack For The XWW Hardcore Championship 5. Cam Jackson vs. Fodder If Fodder Loses he's fired from XWW 6. Lodi vs. Elijah Proctor vs. Bojack For XWW Television Championship 7. Kaityn Marie vs. Dani Mo For XWW Womens Championship Street Fight 8. Kerry Morton vs. Mad Man Fulton For XWW Heavyweight Championship

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