The Lockdown Sessions: 'Renegade' Robby J

Justin Clapper sits down with Stuck Mojo and Repentance lead singer Robby J, who happens to moonlight as an independent wrestler, trained by Seth Rollins. Justin and Robby talk Music, Wrestling, and his journey between two worlds with the assistance of Le Champion. Robby J.: Twitter: @RobbyJFonts Instagram: robbyjfonts Collateral Damage: Merch Store: Twitter: @CDamageInc Instagram: cdamageinc Sabotage's Twitter: @sabotagesean Sean's Instagram: sabotagesean Black & Brave Twitter: Black & Brave: @BlackandBrave Seth Rollins: @WWERollins Marek Brave: @MBrave13 Matt Mayday: @MKrotchMayday Bands: Stuck Mojo: @WeAreStuckMojo Stuck Mojo Albums: Rich Ward: @thedukeofmetal Fozzy: @FOZZYROCK Repentance Twitter: @WeAreRepentance Repentance Instagram: repentanceband Repentance Merch: The Agonist: @theagonist Vicky Psarakis: @VickyPsarakis

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