KittKat Vs Gene Ric Vs Xander Vs Arron Warnes

Xander returned from a severe injury at the end of 2019 to save Gene Ric from a viscous beat down at the hands of Lewis Williams. With a lot of time to reflect and rebuild, it seems Xander has had a change of heart with how he approaches in-ring competition. The former SOS Champion is looking to make up for lost time as he looks to get himself back on track on January 31st. Arron Warnes, another former SOS Champion who has been labelled by fans as the ‘heart and soul’ of the promotion. He’s gone up against the best we can offer and also has challenged those who came from afar. A man who is willing to leave everything in the ring and has expressed his motivation of regaining the SOS Championship, will 2020 be the year for Warnes? KittKat, a man not bothered about whether he’s respected by fans or SOS Management. He’s simply in this for himself. At the end of the year, he sent Alex Ecco packing as he pinned him 1, 2, 3. After an impressive victory, it was hard to argue against KittKat when he demanded he should be in line for a shot at the SOS Championship. He’ll have to prove himself against 3 competitors, next Friday. Gene Ric is the final entrant into this Fatal 4 Way. Gene has given his all, not just in-ring but behind the scenes and making sure everything at SOS runs smoothly. As 2019 closed out, he was attacked and embarrassed by Lewis Williams. We enter a new era and Gene has said to us “enough is e-goddamn-nough”, he’s stepping aside from helping management. Gene has sworn he will prove to the locker room, fans and higher ups here at SOS that his only goals now is to compete and earn opportunities to prove himself within the SOS ring. What better place to stake a claim than in a Number One Contenders Fatal 4 Way match. • Who’s your money on next Friday night? 4 rightful contenders all looking to start 2020 with a huge victory and punch a ticket to a Main Event Championship match of their choosing! SOS is a professional wrestling training school located in Harwich, Essex which was established in 2016, Since then we have produced multiple wrestlers that are performing in and around our local areas.

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