The Chokeslam Wrestling Report: Monday Night Raw Review; Is Bobby Lashley turning to a baby face?

Monday Night Raw show open up with a hint of Bobby Lashley putting his manager MVP in harms way as WWE pretty much told us that he may be a baby face in the future. Also We also saw Vince Mcmahon tell his audeince how he loved firing people, plus the cringed segment between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan plus more #WWE #BigE #Day1 Social Media 📷 Instagram: 🐤 Twitter: 👕 Merchandise 👕 My Latest Videos WWE cuts 8 more stars, including John Morrison, Hit Row, Tegan Knox. Is WWE about to get purchased? ▶ Keith Lee, Karrion Kross, Nia Jax & 12 other WWE Superstar released! Is WWE up for sale? What is next? ▶ AEW to Immortalized Owen Hart, Why some fans are complaining, and is this good for pro wrestling? ▶ Also listen to the audio podcast The Chokeslam Wrestling Report On Apple & Spotify! Apple:▶ Spotify:▶ The Chokeslam Wrestling Report is a weekly wrestling podcast that gives you the latest news going on in the world of pro wrestling. Covering all the big and small promotions

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