MJF not happy with AEW, Roman Reign taking a 10 weeks hiatus, Is Kota Ibushi leaving NJPW, plus more

MJF is a star in AEW, but lately there is been report that he is not happy in the company. Reports are indicating that he man=y not sign with AEW after 2024. He has been saying in public that he may go to WWE. Is someone in his ear like Cody in WWE.?? Roman Reign maybe taking time off. Reports are indicating that it maybe for two to three months. What would WWE do since Roman has both titles in the company. Kota Ibushi feuding with upper management in New Japan, What is the beef about and will ever get settle? #NJPW #WWE #AEW Social Media 📷 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_chokeslam_wrestling_report 🐤 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ultimate_One1 👕 Merchandise 👕 http://tcwr.veryinkpressive.com My Latest Videos NJPW Dontaku Review: Jay White & Good Brothers back in Japan, Mercedes Martinez new ROH Women Champ! ▶https://youtu.be/PJauXZolBcc WWE cuts Malcom Bivens & Dakota Kai and others, How AEW had to correct a TNT title change AGAIN? ▶https://youtu.be/vWmvUtkFod4 AEW & New Japan to do a event in Chitown called Forbidden Door, Kushida leaves WWE plus more news! ▶https://youtu.be/u-Ik8FVLDBo Also listen to the audio podcast The Chokeslam Wrestling Report On Apple & Spotify! Apple:▶https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-chokeslam-wrestling-report/id1471778112 Spotify:▶https://open.spotify.com/show/0L3VJhyCb06ZXTkyUm88DR The Chokeslam Wrestling Report is a weekly wrestling podcast that gives you the latest news going on in the world of pro wrestling. Covering all the big and small promotions

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