Miz Cashes in to become WWE Champion! How the Money in the Bank has become worthless concept?

Miz cashed in on the Money in the Bank to become WWE champion after Drew wrestle 40 minutes to win the Elimination Chamber. Only to get attacked by Bobby Lashley. This is how bad the WWE's booking has been since the pandemic with their illogical storylines. Meanwhile on the Smackdown side Daniel Bryant's quest to become champion took a detour has Roman Reign dispose of him in two minutes after Bryan won the Elimination Chamber. Only to be revealed what everyone has expected with Edge spearing Reigns afterward to set up a Wrestlemania match! WWE looks like they are choosing the old horses to push their company or better yet drag their company into Wrestlemania.. What they did last night was an embarrasment to industry. What other stupid moves are they going to make! #EliminationChamber2021 #WWE #Miz

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