How WWE has destroyed the value of Wrestlemania and HOF w/the card & the induction of Great Khalil?

This week WWE made alot of headlines but none of it was positive. Wrestlemania season and the cards been built looks like a house show in a small venue. WWE is not even trying to make the WM 37 a great show for the two night show. MIz vs Bad Bunny is one of the matches that makes you cringe just by looking at the card. The begining of the week they let Andrades go after he requested his relelase. Many say that Charlotte threaten to walk out. But has not been confirm but something happened that Andrades was release with no 90 day clause coompetion clause. Also Kane and RVD was chosen to be this year induction of the HOF. But they added a black eye with this years class by adding the human walking Robot the Great Khalil just to please the India market.. What are your thoughts and comments. Does WWE care about their product anymore..Leave your comments #WWE #Wrestlemania #WWEHallOfFame

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