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The channel, “XeniaDidThat”, established in March 2017, has already become recognized in the wrestling community.

Xenia (XeniaDidThat), born on the 27th of September 1995, is an international YouTube content creator with audiences in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Asia, as well as America. Xenia’s nomadic lifestyle and appetite for travel, if not to say wanderlust, have her creating and broadcasting from the different corners of the world, most noticeably Western Europe, China, the United States, as well as Eastern Europe. Her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & Advertising and pending master’s degree in New Media & Strategic Communications make her a natural communicator, equally comfortable in front of the camera as she is in the creative aspects of the production process. Xenia has experience scripting and producing corporate videos for international companies. An avid wrestling aficionado of over 10 years, Xenia is known for vlogging her wrestling show trips (featuring a touch of the unique feel of the culture of the locations the shows take place in as well as cameos of various wrestling influencers) and doing refreshingly light-hearted and fun wrestling figure unboxings, but also sharing her thought-provoking opinions and insights on the industry that often challenge the traditional societal norms set for entertainment business. Xenia’s views are grounded in her profound interest in and knowledge of the issues of feminism, social justice and inclusion. Xenia has experience delivering public talks on feminism (such topics as rape culture and internalized misogyny) in one of the most prominent international universities in Eastern Europe (MGIMO). She campaigns for equal opportunities for marginalized groups in sports entertainment, as well as in the fan community. In addition to wrestling, her channel showcases her passion for all things beauty and fashion, giving the subscribers an inside view into different markets for high-end brands and delving into the differences in make-up and skincare perceptions in different parts of the world. Xenia is known to firmly believe that, as a woman who has made her presence known in the world of sports entertainment, she doesn’t necessarily have to be a tomboy and that wrestling and the aesthetics of fashion and make-up are not mutually exclusionary. She also furthers the idea that a conventionally feminine woman can be a feminist and uses her platform to banish the stereotyped underlying concepts and expectations of femininity. Her channel lies at the intersection of the mentioned above spheres, that have way more in common than immediately meets the eye. The channel, “XeniaDidThat”, established in March 2017, has already become recognized in the wrestling community. Since starting her channel, Xenia has collaborated with such prominent brands as WrestleCrate (UK) and RingsideCollectibles. She has contributed content to prominent Russian-speaking sports and wrestling websites and communities such as Sports.ru and My1Wrestling. The channel has featured special appearances of other influencers in the community (such as “Brock Lesnar Guy” Michael Corcoran, the most famous wrestling fan in the world, Maffew (Botchamania)) and significant personalities in the wrestling figure industry (Bill Miekina, head designer for WWE Mattel), as well as cameos of active roster wrestlers (Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, The Undisputed Era, Scarlett Bordeaux, Trent) and an interviews with Stu Bennett (f.k.a. Wade Barrett), PJ Black, Joey Ryan, Laura DiMatteo and many more. With roughly 100 million of estimated prospective target viewers and the volume of 2 billion population of addressable markets in Russian-speaking, Spanish-speaking and English-speaking European and American countries, as well as Chinese-speaking countries, Xenia makes videos for young, passionate, socially active and intelligent female and male wrestling fans, toy geeks, fashion and beauty lovers and everyone in between.

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