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Wrestling For... CLIC SARGENT

Another amazing Wrestling For event featuring a fatal four way to crown the first ever Wrestling For Champion.

Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore Three Way Match Clint Margera vs. Sean Devine vs. Shay Fu Elimination Ten Man Tag Team Match Team White Tiger (Jon Delaney, MJ Grayson, Mr. Williams, NIWA & White Tiger) vs. Team Young Lion (Alex Cupid, Brian Aidenson, Jack Ball, The Man Like DeReiss & The Young Lion) Tag Team Match Kelly Sixx & Lila Kyle vs. Heavy Conscience (Dominita & Kenny Killbaine) Tag Team Match The ShowMemes (Charles Crowley & Memes) vs. Pun Intended (Harry Cruise & Ryan Parrot) Singles Match The Elliott Jordan Experience vs. Tukay Three Way Match Kat Von Kaige vs. Chantal Jordan vs. Jami Sparx WF Title Four Way Match (vakant) Dan Moloney vs. Marshall X vs. Corey Johnson vs. Danny Reid

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