Turnbuckle Arms Ep.10 | Wrestlers Who Changed Our Minds | WWE Cost Cutting & Releases

The Turnbuckle Arms opens its doors once again for another Monthly Sesh as Brew’d members, Lexi, Matt & Jolly join Griz who hosts this very interesting episode. We started by going around the table discussing which wrestler has made us change our minds on them. We then spoke about who we aren’t a fan of, the recent Micky James “bin bag” situation & finally where we think the released WWE wrestlers will end up? If you enjoy this then please checkout our other podcasting episodes available on; YouTube https://bit.ly/3sBEhAO iTunes https://apple.co/3oUvtnE Anchor https://bit.ly/3sBEnsa Spotify https://spoti.fi/3bMp3mC Thank you for joining us for a drink & chat and don’t forget that our doors are always open on our social media pages too! https://linktr.ee/TurnbuckleArmsPodcast Part of the Johners Podcasting Network! https://wrestlingwithjohners.com/

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