Turnbuckle Arms Ep.08 | NXT - Third Brand or Developmental? | Favourite Elimination Chamber Moments

The Tower of Power Nik hosts todays session in which the Brew'd discusses if NXT is still the 'developmental' brand of WWE. Is it working as developmental or does it stand alone as a brand? We also share our favourite memories from the Elimination Chamber matches. If you enjoyed this then please checkout our other podcasting episodes available on; YouTube https://bit.ly/3sBEhAO iTunes https://apple.co/3oUvtnE Anchor https://bit.ly/3sBEnsa Spotify https://spoti.fi/3bMp3mC Thank you for joining us for a drink & chat and don’t forget that our doors are always open on our social media pages too! https://linktr.ee/TurnbuckleArmsPodcast Part of the Johners Podcasting Network! https://wrestlingwithjohners.com

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