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Tru Heel Heat is the realest wrestling YouTube show and podcast which gives you the uncut views of the Tru Heels as well as wrestling fans around the world.

This is a channel for both hardcore and casual wrestling fans giving them a place to get the latest on professional wrestling as well as a place to discuss the wrestling scene and provide unfiltered opinions by wrestling fans just like yourself. Tru Heel Heat is a podcast presented on YouTube hosted by the Tru Heel Princess, Miss Krssi Luv; the resident Tru Heels alcoholic, Top Guy JJ and the Tru Heel Phenom SP3. Watch and hear the views of SP3, Top Guy JJ, Miss Krssi Luv and a cast of other wrestling fans from around the world as they talk about the current state of wrestling with show reviews, countdowns and roundtable discussions. We have a wide variety of content so comment, like, share and subscribe to support and get this Tru Heel Heat!

Tru Heel Heat Wrestling

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