The Office Experience Chicago Review 2021

The Office experience Chicago Review To check out the Saved By The Bell themed restaurant Saved By The Max travel vlog you can see it here 👉🏻 For my The Office Funko Pop video you can see It here 👉🏻 For my The Office Comic Book Review you can see It here 👉🏻 So you're heading to Chicago this winter and of course there's so many cool things to do like take pictures at the Bean ( I mean ) Cloud Gate, travel 103 floors up and take in the amazing views at the Willis Tower SkyDeck, Check out a museum, and doing one of my favorite things while I was there and just walking around this beautiful and decorated city. But let's be honest you clicked on this video because you want to know if The Office Experience is worth your time and money. And I'm here to tell you as a fan of The Office who's been to the original filming location out in California, seen the Off Broadway show in New York City and most recently attended Office Fan Fest in Scranton Pennsylvania this year, Now going into this I was a bit optimistic thinking this was something we;d be there for 30 minutes take some pics then be on our way, but I definitely underestimated and next time I'll be sure to Estimate it because if you're a fan of the show This is a definite must! Now just a heads up, when I went over Thanksgiving weekend, much like every indoor attraction I visited in Chicago, masks were mandatory to wear throughout the experience with the exception of 4 specific photo opportunities which included recreating a scene from the Beach Day episode and getting behind the desk of the world's Best Boss Michael Scott. A word of warning and this is something they do tell you before you start your journey is you can spend as much time in a room as you please, and trust you will want to especially in the main Office area as there's a lot of attention to detail, however once you leave a room you can't go back. So take your time there, no reason to rush and spill your pot of chili you spent all night making. So what exactly will you see here? Well there's going to be plenty of outfits and memorabilia from the show. However, what really makes this an experience is that you'll get to recreate some of the memorable moments from the show like walking across hot coals, attending Cafe Disco, doing a talking head as they have cu-cards available to recreate, or maybe you just want to make up one on your own. So much time should you allow for this experience. Well, by the time we were done picking beets, Playing Dundee ball, trying to solve a Stanley Crossword puzzle and root-at-Tooting around My wife and I were there for over 2 hours. Now while there was so much cool stuff to do, what was my favorite part. well getting to come down the aisle at Pam and Jim's wedding was truly a blast. And when you're done there will be a gift shop downstairs in case you need to take some of The Office to go. Now how would I rank the overall experience. Well here on Toned In Entertainment I usually do on a score of 1-10, but Michale would be upset if I didn't use the alphabet. And I'm not just saying this because Michael said it but my grade for The Office experience Chicago is an A++. From the many many pieces of memorabilia to getting to recreate and play out of so many cool moments from the show, the people behind this experience really put together something special that fans of the show will definitely love. That's going to wrap up this travel video here on Toned In entertainment. Now if you've been to the experience what are your thoughts comment down below. Also if you like these types of videos I also attended the Saved By The Bell themed restaurant The Max pop up restaurant and you can see that video #TheOffice #TheOfficeExperience #TravelVlog

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