Sudden Death Movie Look Back Review 1995

Sudden Death Movie Look Back Review 1995 The Movie Stars Jean Claude Van Damme as Darren McCord Whittington Wright as his daughter Emily Ross Malinger as his son Tyler Powers Boothe as Joshua Foss Raymond J Barry as The Vice President Dorian Harewood as Hallmark And was directed by Peter Hyams The Premise It's the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Finals, but there's just more on the line than just who will be crowned champion because Joshua Foss and a group of his cronies have taken over the suite where the Vice President is watching the game from and they are demanding a hefty ransom. And if their demands aren't meant, they will begin eliminating hostages each period and If they don't get the money by the time the game ends the building is going to be reduced to ashes. We Need A Hero While law enforcement is called in they seem inept at dealing with this situation, but thankfully, retired firefighter now Fire Inspector Darren McCord is in the building. Now he's going to have his hands full because not only is he going to have a slew of bad guys to deal with and bombs to deactivate, but he's also got his 2 kids Emily and Tyler sitting in the seats that aren't to good at following his instructions. Street Fighter Now going into a Jean Claude Van Dam movie I think we know where going to get plenty of action, but as I did watch this movie it really had me thinking, because at the begging of this movie we do get a glimpse of him being a heroic firefighter, but as he kicks sure he's heroic to be taking on all these bad guys but throughout it's never explained just how or why he knows all these martial arts moves as he decimated foe after foe that stands in his way. I guess it's just something after a while we just don't even think about and accept. Emotional Investment Now I get it, I've been to Basketball, Football and wrestling events where we in the crowd can get heavily invested in what's going on, now here in Sudden Death it gets a little obscured as Darren McCord not only finds a pretty much perfect pathway to seat hop through this crowd, but no one even blinks an eye as a bloody and beaten up man in a uniform is being chased by a group of thugs. Ruthless Thug Now I was a fan of Powers Boothe portrayal of Vice President Noah Daniels on the TV show 24, and here in Sudden Death he plays a ruthless bad guy who has no problem showing those who stand in his way of cashing in his big Tay they will end up paying the ultimate price and he has enough people who have his back and pack enough firepower to make sure they get the message. Over Time So why is this movie called sudden death, Well the game doesn't finish in its standard 3 quarter sum but will go into sudden death on the ice where the next team that scores will win. This overtime segment throws a monkey wrench into Foss's plans and will give us an opportunity to give us some more crazy action scenes that include Jean Claude Van Dam's character fighting from the roof of the arena. Game Over So who wins the hockey game, well I think we're still waiting for an answer. However there will be one final battle between Foss and McCord that will lead to a permanent game over for one of them. Do I Recommend The Movie Sudden Death. Yes. It's certainly nothing revolutionary and the story itself is very simple and sometimes predictable, but it works and it is fun at some of the creative ways Van Damme will disassemble his foes. Where To Watch It As of this recording Sudden Death is streaming for free on Tubi with limited commercials. Final Thoughts On a scale of 1-10 I'm going to give the movie Sudden Death a 7 out of 10. I really wanted to give it a higher score, but there's just several things the filmmakers try to do here to create extra suspense , and while some work, some like the daughter getting snagged up by the bad guy once again and the really bad helicopter scene that is so unbelievable as it plunges to the ground really hold it back from a higher score. But other than that It's a Van Damme movie and if you know what to expect going into #JeanClaudeVanDamme #Hockey #SuddenDeathMovie

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