Steve Returns With A Rare Egg And To Get Marcy Back - The Egg and I Married With Children Review

The Egg and I Married With Children Episode Review Season 6 Episode 17 Welcome back to another Married With Children episode review. The Bundy's are known for finding themselves on the wrong side of the law from time to time. But what happens when an old friend comes back to town who's on the run and they find out there's a big pay day for turning home in? Let's get on with my review from episode 17 Season 6 The Egg and I. The Tax Man Poor Al can never catch a break when it comes to money, as he's just received word that he owes everything he's worked for over the years and that being $44 dollars. While Kelly's suggestion is to just ignore it, Al says if he doesn't pay it, the bill with interest and penalties could go up to as much as $50 -$60 He's Back Returning in this episode is Steve Rhodes who had left Marcy to go off and be a park ranger at Yosemite. When he's asked why he's back in town he says it's because of this rare canyon hawk egg. Now while the Bundys' look at a possible next meal, Steve says he had to take it because it was about to be taken to a lab, which has coincidentally now made him a fugitive from the law. Another Motive Now in addition to rescuing the egg Steve has also come to reclaim his wife. Now before Peg has the opportunity to tell Steve that he has competition now, Al cuts her off all in hopes of getting some enjoyment as to what will go down when Steve finds out that she has moved on. Peeping Bundy's Now here in just one of the funniest moments in Married With Children history, we'll see Steve go in to reclaim Marcy only to be shocked when at first he thinks Marcy has been growing her hair out, only to realize she's with another man. Now the Bundy's with binoculars and popcorn in hand will definitely have a lot of laughs at all the chaise that they've caused. Wanted After getting rejected Steve will have no other choice than to hunker down with the Bundy's for the time period. Now after the FBI comes knocking looking for Steve and the Egg, Al tells them they can just hit the road cause if someone who served his country ( and by Al's definition played high school football ) still has to pay federal and state taxes well then he has nothing he can offer them. But their attitude might change after they hear a news report that there's a 10k reward leading to his arrest. End Of The Road After Marcy makes it bluntly known that she is choosing her husband Jefferson over Steve, it's not only going to be the end of the road for his marriage but also his fugitive status as the FBI will come barging in and take Steve off to jail. Now Peg will say that they didn't tip off now the Feds so who could have turned him in. Well it's going to be none other than Buck who will be able to eat more than kibble and bits with his reward money. Final Thoughts The Episode The egg and I is just so great. It's one that has laughs right form the top and doesn't let off the brake until the credits role. So I think it's only appropriate to give the Episode The Egg and I a 10 out of 10. And while there's so many funny moments for me, the part in this episode where Steven and Jefferson are aging over Marcy which in turn almost makes Al and peg go blinds, and the family serving up Al the new "Smoking" Tang are definitely standouts. What are your thoughts on the episode The Egg and I and what episodes of Married With Children would you like to see me review here in the future comment down below. And if you like these Married With Children episode reviews make sure you SUBSCRIBE here to Toned In Entertainment for future videos. #MarriedWithChildren #AlBundy #MarriedWithChildrenTIE

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