Nocterra Blacktop Bill Origins Hall Of Mirrors Part 1 Special Comic Book Review

Nocterra Blacktop Bill Origins Hall Of Mirrors Part 1 Special Comic Book Review Welcome back to another comic book review on Toned In Entertainment. Now Nocterra was definitely one of my favorite comic book series in 2021 as I reviewed all six issues giving high praise to all the issues. Here in 2022, the story is set to pick up in February when Issue 7 of Nocterra releases, however before we get there we have this one special to look out called Blacktop Bill Origins Part 1 Hall Of Mirrors. Now for those of us who followed the first six Issues of Nocterra, we already know that Blacktop Bill is one bad dude and has been a real thorn in the side of Val and her friends. Here in this special its a continuation of a conversation between Mother Hubbard and Bellwether from Issue 4. The writers Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel will take us on a journey that’s woven between the time before the Big PM hit and Present day. The objective here is to show us just how ruthless and evil Bill was before as he not only had the characteristics of a serial killer but also acted on them in a very gruesome way. And why the Big PM hit you could say the Bill was made in the shade as not only is this an environment in which he can thrive in but also feels like he belongs. And as far as some more story goes we’ll get to see the first encounter between Bill and Tiberius where the Offer was made to Bill to become the monster we all know in the present day story of Nocterra. Now for those of you who saw my reviews for Issues 1 - 6 of Nocterra you know how much i loved the series som far even giving at least one issue a 10 out of 10 and the others all really high scores, so it pains me to say that this Black Top Bill special i found pretty lackluster and honestly below average as I’ve come to expect a lot from this series so my final score is going to be a 4 out of 10. The best way to describe this issue is in my opinion its a cheap chase in and that’s a shame as it should have served to wet our appetite for the release of Issue 7 coming in February. The story itself is fine but could have been told in a shorter fashion and sprinkled into a min issue and. Didn’t need to be sold as its own separate issue. Also this does say its part 1 so I’m hoping a part 2 Black Top Bill Special will bring more meat to the table. Also even though Val is. From and center on the cover, don’t expect her to make an appearance in this issue either. That’s going to wrap up my comic book review for the Nocterra Blacktop Bill special Part 1. Now if you read this issue what are your thoughts. Now while I wasn’t a fan of this issue that doesn’t mean that I think the main story will suffer as I am excited to see what happens when Issue 7 of Nocterra is released on February 2. If you like comic book reviews like this and all things pop culture make sure you SUBSCRIBE here to Toned In Entertainment for future videos. #Nocterra #BlaaackTopBill #ComicBookReviews

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