For Hondo! Assault And Batteries - Married With Children Episode 24 Season 8 Review

For Hondo! Assault And Batteries - Married With Children Episode 24 Season 8 Review Welcome back to another Married With Children Episode review. Now for those of us who grew up before the days of video on demand we know what a struggle it was at times in order to catch a movie or show that might only be shown once a year on tv. And for All it's definitely going to be a challenge as I get on with my review of episode 24 from season 8 called Assault and Batteries. The Premise It's Al's day off and all he wants to do is watch what he believes is John Wayne's greatest movie Hondo today as it never comes on TV now. Now Peg is going to have other plans for Al like fixing the basement step, but Al has a trick up his sleeve to get out of it. Did someone call a doctor? Much like almost every other time Al's plan is not going to go down as planned, as Jefeerson was supposed to come over to fake having appendicitis so that Al would have to take him yo the hospital, but in reality they Al was just going to sneak over to Jefersons so that he could watch Hondo, But unfortunately for Jefferson there was a paramedic around the corner and heard his cries and will have his appendix out in now time. I guess thankfully for Jefferson it wasn't a groin pull. Reasonable Now Peg says that's it early in the morning so there's plenty of time to fix the steps then watch his show. So when All heads down to fix the basement stair he's going to learn the hard way that the light is also out and he has no batteries for the flashlight, and he sends Peg to the store to get some while he just tries to work away in the dark. Shoppers Biggest Nightmares Now Peg will make a trip to the store and back but will return with the wrong sized batteries. So Al not wanting to waste anymore time he will go back to the store with Peg to return the batteries but he's going to encounter every shoppers worst nightmare, from the woman wanting to cut in front of him, to a couple using counterfeit money, the guy who wants to pay with all coins and even Marcy haggling for a price match of a competitors price. Computers Make Everything Easier Now when it's finally Al's turn, there's a power hit and without the use of the computer the cashier doesn't know how to properly exchange the item. Fed up with the incompetence, Al's going to try and leave but there's yet another big problem , the computer also controls the doors and now he's stuck inside the store. The Clock Is Ticking With only 90 minutes to Hondo, and Peg on the loose shopping it's imperative that All get out of the store, but there computer expert he's stuck outside, and with frustration setting in Al will try and shatter the window with a bat but with no success. Back In My Day With realizing that they are stuck in the store, the other shoppers have set up a little camp area where they are telling stories and tell Al to join them, which he will oblige as he tells how life was better back in the western days before dem' gizmo's where ever introduced. For Hondo! Al will prove he will do anything to get home to watch Hondo including ripping up a computer and attempting to shatter the window, unfortunately this is going to lead to a major headache in more ways than one as Al not only misses Hondo but owes $4000 for the broken computer. Final Thoughts On a scale of 1-10 I'm going to give the episode Assault and Batteries an 8.5 out of 10 Now there is a side story here in this episode that had Kelly and Bud taking Buck out on some adventures, and while I was rewatching this episode it kind of felt like filler, but there's is a payoff and a reason for it at the end. But the real fun of this episode is Al at the store just wanting to do what should be the simplest task of his day and that is making a simple exchange of batteries. What are your thoughts on the episode Assault and Batteries and what episodes of Married With Children would you like to see me review here on the channel. And if you like these Married With Children Reviews make sure you Subscribe here to Toned In Entertainment for a new episode every Sunday. #MarriedWithChildren #Shopping #Hondo

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