Fight Girls Comic Book Series Review

Fight Girls Comic Book Series Review Welcome back to another comic Book series review here on Toned In Entertainment where we love pop culture. Today it's time for another comic book series review. Now this particular series was one I was interested in checking out when it was released but sometimes log gets in the way and I just missed out. Now as I was scrolling through ComiXology they actually were offering the first two issues for free so I thought this was the perfect time to go ahead and check out the 5 Issue series. Now will this series From AWA Upshot strike a winning blow or will you just want to throw in the towel? Let’s get on with my comic book series of Fight Girls released in 2021. This series is advertised as 10 Women 4 Challenges 1 Crown And the winner rules the moire. Going into this series I made the assumption that this might be like a Ultimate Fighting type story with these women battling it out, but I was definitely wrong for making that assumption as these ladies will have to do battle with more than just the 9 other ladies in order to be crowned the victor. We’re going to learn right off the bat that the now former queen, Regina Victoria was proven barne and not able to live up to her Royal duties. So now there will be a tournament that will feature 10 women from various walks of life, who will compete in a game of survival of the fittest. Now when I say this was not going to be just a simple UFC type story, we’ll see right here off the bat as these ladies are transported to the jungle and their objective is to race to the finish line and press the teleportation device in order to advance. But this will not be some simple 5k race but mute like a Spartan Race with a twist as the ladies will not only have to climb, swim, and leap, but will also have to avoid the creatures that lurk the 3 different areas in which these ladies will be transported to. So for example in Issue 1 the ladies have to survive the jungle where the animals that Roam these areas haven’t seen humans in over 1,000 years and they have no fear of man. In Issue 2 the ladies will not only have to survive the hot, barren desert but also massive creatures like The worm of the white sands, The King Crawler and a giant Rock turtle that will create more obstacles than just its size. And In issue 3 the ladies will be transported to the ocean where they will not only have to make a long swim but will have a variety of creatures that have come up from the abyss to cause some havoc. Now when it comes to Issue 4 this was the direction I thought the series would be the whole time and that’s seeing the ladies battle it out in hand to hand combat. Now while having a winner here being crowned here in Issue 5 this story is far from being a simple story of she won the fight and now she’s the queen. Now on a scale of 1-10 I’m going to give the 5 Issue series Of Fight Girls an 8.5 out of 10. The story is written by Frank Cho and he does a great job of telling a story that not only flows so well throughout this 5 issue series, but constantly kept me on my toes and one surprise after another was thrown my way. If there’s one critique I’d have is that there wasn’t as. Much depth and personality to the 10 ladies that we met other than I’d say 3 of them leaving the other 7 ladies pretty forgettable. But the story is so well told that sacrificing the back story for 10 ladies who don’t make it pass issue 1 is understandable. My favorite part of the writing is how Frank Cho had a commentary team doing play by play while the ladies were battling for survival, it really made me feel as if this was unfolding on a live TV show as you could feel the energy of the announcers through the text on these pages. In Addition Frank Cho also Illustrated this series which I think makes the series even more enthralling as he’s able to take us into this crazy Fight For Survival world that he has created and where he keeps the adrenaline pumping with page after page of great action scenes and also has no problem showing the brutality that this competition can cause. As Of this recording Issue 1 and Issue 2 are available for free with a Comixology membership and Issue 3 was only $1.99 and Issue 4 and 5 were the standard $3.99 so essentially you can read this entire 5 Issue series for under $10 which I think is definitely worth your time and money as this was series I sat down and read in one shot and when it was over I found extremely satisfied if this is just a one and done story and yet at the same time would be open to another story in the Fight Girls Universe in the future. That’s going to wrap up my comic book series review for Fight Girls now if you read this series what are your thoughts comment down below. And if you like Comic Book Series reviews like this make sure you Subscribe here to Toned In Entertainment for future videos. #FightGirls #ComicBookReview #StrongWomen

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