Devlyn Macabre Interview at Ignite Wrestling 6th Year Anniversary Show

Devly Macabre Interview at Ignite Wrestling 6 Year Anniversary show. If you missed any of my pro wrestling interviews they can all be seen here in one playlist During the Interview with Devlyn Macabre we discuss her wrestling influences Meeting Carmella and Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley at Wrestlemania Axxess The 12 Rounds starring Seam Ambrose Favorite Comic Book Characters Ring Attire Movies Her tag team match with Jacey Love Vs Kelsey Raegan and Chelsea Durden And so much more Make sure you follow Devlyn Macabre at Instagram - devlynmacabre Twitter - ItsDevlyn Make sure you Check Out Ignite Wrestling at If you like pro wrestling interviews like this and all things pop culture make sure you SUBSCRIBE here to Toned In Entertainment for future videos. #DevlynMacabre #WrestlingInterviews #IgniteWrestling

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