Cut Day - Saved By The Bell Episode Review. Zack Ditches Class While AC & Jessie Ditch One Another

Saved By The Bell Cut Day Season 4 Episode 23 welcome back to another video here on Toned In Entertainment and welcome to my first Saved By The Bell Episde Review . Now I'm not going to go in any particular order when pick the Episddes to review I really wanted to start with one of my favorite episodes and that's going to be Episdoe 23 from Season 4 called Cut Day. The Premise. While we called it Skip Day down in Florida, in this episode it's called Cut Day, when you ditch class for the day and go do something fun. And while the majority of the students especially Zack are excited, Jesse and the character Graham played by David Kreigel are actually going to forgo Cut Day all in an attempt to save the planet and try and stop a plastic foam delivery. The King Of Cut Day While Zack is stoked to to cut class,Mr Belding is here to remind him he's used up all his unexcused absences and if he gets one more he'll be suspended. Let's Make A Deal Zack is going to be even more determined than usual not to spend the day at school after he bets AC Slater a $100 that the King Of Cut Day won't be held at Bay To Easy Now Zack is going to call in a favor from a school mate named Franklin that will give him an opportunity to cut call and make it to the Max where the rest of the gang is hanging out. Now Zackis going to ask later to go ahead and pay him his $100 so he can get back to class but Slater reminds him that it's Cuy Day and not cut class and he only wins the money by showing up everywhere they do. To Slick Zack is going to find way throughout they day to not only make it to places like the movies without being caught, but also come up with ways like jumping into Jesse and Ghrams protest to make sure he has a solid alibi Relationship On The Rocks Now here in the episode Jessi and Slater are in a relationship, all though sometimes it's hard to tell because they never had the chemistry of Zack and Kelly or Schrrech and Violet. However on cut day both Slater and Jessi find themselves getting closer to someone else. One Last Cut It appears that winning the $100 is as good as gold as he only has one more class to cut and he's only has to get out of his class with Misses Culpepper which should be as easy as pie that is until slater throws a monkey wrench into his plans leaving Mr Belding being forced to sit in on the class till the end of the school day. Bad Candy Now this obstacle is not going to stop Zack as he's got one more trick up his sleeve. Now Mr. Beldings been so busy trying to keep tabs on Zack he hasn't been able to eat all day. So Zack will offer him candy that Screech gave him. But Mr Belding's stomach will take a turn for the worst when he's been eating everything from grasshoppers to catapillars Race To The Max Now Zack will make it to the max but not in time and Slater will win the bet. But in a rare moment Zack is actually not concerned about himself and the bet, he's just hoping that he can beat a happy pairing of Jesse and Graham to the max before Cut day becomes kill day. Lesson Learned Now Slater and Jessie had never been the happiest of couple and Cut Day has actually thought them both maybe it's time to see other people instead of just being exclusive. So maybe Jessie and Graham could be a great couple right as they're both hyper focused on saving the environment. Well much like many characters Graham was a one and done appearance character never to be heard from again. Hmmm maybe his Bus just stopped taking that route. Story Time on senior skip day and Street Fighter 3 Final Thoughts As far as Saved By The Bell episodes this Cut Day was always one of my favorites and my final score is a 9 out of 10. This episode brings me back to the days when we all try to come up with ways on how we could cut class and get away with it, which for me was half the fun of my fright period my senior year of High School. Now there will be more Saved By The Bell Reviews here on Toned In Entertainment and what episodes would you like to see me review comment down below. And if you like these TV show review make sure you SUBSCRIBE here to Toned In Entertainment for future videos. #SBTB #SavedByTheBell #CutDay

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