Amber Makes Bud's Dreams A Reality - Naughty But Niece Married With Children Episode Review Season 9

Amber Makes Bud's Dreams A Reality - Naughty But Niece Married With Children Episode Review Season 9 Episode 4 If you've missed any of my Married With Children Episode Reviews they can all be seen here in one playlist Naughty But Niece Married With Children Episode Review Season 9 Episode 4 Welcome back to another Married With Children episode review here on Toned In Entertainment. This isn't the first episode that I've reviewed where the premise is that Bud is trying to study but can't stop dreaming about girls. However this time his dream is going to become a reality as I get on with my episode review of Episode 4 from season 9 called Naughty But Niece. Sweet, Sweet Fantasy After having some embarrassing moments after falling asleep while trying to study, Bud comes up with the idea while he's Been trying to find peace and quiet at the house why not head to the shoe store, but things won't be much different as he'll continue to have fantasies and then will meet Al's new co-worker Griff who's going to want to talk his ear off. Solution After returning home Bud has to take a call from Peg who's off visiting her mom in Wanker County, also he has to deal with Al and Kelly's bickering back and forth and The Darcy's coming over to announce a new addition to their family, an no she's not having a baby, but it's going to be her 19 year old niece Amber who's been hanging around with the wrong crowd who's coming to stay with them. Fed Up Now Bud is going to be fed up with all the noise that he can't take it anymore and is going to shell out money to Al, Kelly Marcy and Jefferson to go find something productive to do just so he can get a few hours of peace and quiet. However Bud is about to get another distraction as Marcy's niece Amber, who looks nothing like he remembered comes sneaking over and Bud will quickly forget about hitting the books. Dreams Become Reality While Bud and Amber don't immediately hook up they will. Or will they, because when Bud wakes up he believes he's had yet another dream, however when Amber comes walking out of his bathroom he realizes that his dreams have finally become a reality. Punishment Once again Bud has been distracted by a woman, which in turn will lead to him NOT getting the scholararship, which will upset Al because of all the sacrifice he had to endure, so that Bud can study. So what will his punishment be, well he's going to have to stay in his room for an entire week, which I don't think Bud is going to have a problem with. Final Thought On a scale of 1-10 I'm going to give the Episode Naughty But Niece a 7 out of 10 as this is a Good episode but definitely not one of the most memorable nor original either, but that doesn't mean that it also doesn't have some pretty funny moments with my favorite being the conversation between Bud and Griff, where they realize that Al has never mention that he has a new coworker to Bud nor has he ever mentioned to Griff about having a family, but when Bud ask him about 4 Touchdowns In a single game, well he's definitely heard that story more than once. Now what are your thoughts on the episodes Naughty or Niece and what episodes of Married With Children would you like to see me review here in the future comment down below. And if you like these Married With Children Reviews make sure you SUBSCRIBE here to Toned In Entertainment for future videos. #MarriedWithChildren #AlBundy #JulietTablak

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