Al Plays Santa At The Mall - Married With Children Season 7 Episode 12 Review Christmas

MWC Christmas Married With Children Review Season 7 Episode 12 For Peg, Kelly, Bud and Seven they're hoping that this will be the Merriest Christmas of them all, as Al SHOULD have some extra cash on him this year to buy presents. JUst how is Al supposed to come into the extra cash flow? Lest felt on with my episode review which was Episode 12 from season 7 simply called, Christmas. The Premise Over the years Al has had a very sound strategy when it came to weaseling out of buying presents for the family, by simply turning them against one another, but this year will be a bit different because Peg, Kelly, Bud and Seven have formed a United Bundy front to all behave so that Al will have no other choice but to buy them all presents for being good. They All Got Jobs Now Al is going to say that his family can't fool him, because even though they are being good, he still has no money. But peg tells him not to fret because this year they all got jobs. Now Al's going to have a giant smile on his face and it's going to light up like a Christmas tree, that is until he's told that the family didn't get jobs for them, but for him. And what is Al going to be doing well for his 12 days of Christrmas he's going to be doing everything from being a crash test dummy, to giving blood and worst of all he's going to be playing Santa Clause at the mall. Bad Santa No Al's going to be playing the Santa we would all expect from him. And he's going to have to deal with kids To throwing out insults, spraying him with breath spray, a kid wanting a cure for her measles and his most difficult challenge having to deal with Marcy who also came to sit on his lap and will have all the kids at the mall singing a song in unisense to Al called Bundy The No Man Merry Christmas Now even though Al has to go through all types of hoops, it appears Al had made enough money to not only buy presents for everyone but also get them the ones that they wanted. But unfortunately for Al this is just a dream as he wakes up at a bar after passing out. Last Ditch Effort Now when Al wakes up, he realizes that he better get a move on to go but presents, but there's going to be some bad news as the Bartender Ray informs him that while he was passed out he "voluntarily" paid the tab for everyone in the bar leaving home with an empty wallet. While Al may in the past not been to concerned about bringin home presents for Christmas this year will be different as he's now going to come home empty handed, and just like he "voluntarily" paid everyone's bill, The owner Ray is going to "voluntarily" let him take home items from the bar that include a dart board, a tv with its own wall and a necklace for Peg letting her know that she is his RAY of Sunshine. Final Thoughts ON a scale of 1-10 I'm going to give the episode Christmas a 9 out of 10. Now not only are there plenty of funny moments here with my favorite being the flashback to see a younger Bud and Kelly but also getting to see All keep his promise to bring home presents and make this a merry Christmas for the entire Bundy household. What are your thoughts on the Episode Christmas comment down below. Now there's only one more episode left this year and we're going to end it all with the most requested episode with Al be visited by Aliens #MarriedWithChildren #AlBundy #Christmas

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