Al Is Visited By Aliens - Married With Children Season 5 Episode 7 Review Married With Aliens

Married With Aliens - Married With Children Episode Review Season 5 Episode 7 Welcome back to another Married With Children Episode Review as we're going to look at an episode that's truly out of this world as we go back to Episode 7 from season 5 called Married With Aliens The Premise While sloshing through the mall's fountain for spare change, Al slipped and hit his head on the fountains statue and from this Al had to deal with his injury while not being able to sleep. The Little Green Men With Al not being able to sleep he casually looks over at the window to see three Green little aliens climbing through the window and leaving with his socks. Now Peg will pose the questions where they green before or after they touched his socks. Now with Al falling earlier Peg will just chop Al seeing the aliens of him having illusions and probably just in need of serious medical attention as she proceeds to roll back over and go back to sleep. After returning from the Doctors the rest of the family is going to have quite a few laughs at Al's expense with Kelly telling home he missed a call from the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, Peg telling him that they might get stuck out late because the Octopus People are invading the town and Bud giving him a toy ring to call the Alien Police Having His Doubts Al will begin to think he's actually crazy and maybe he didn't see anything, that is until once again he gets a visit but this time from 6 little green men who are equipped with what looks like a metal detector for dirty socks. Big Reward After finding Al hiding in the closet and having some more laughs at Al's expense, Marcy does tell Al that UFO digest is offering 1 Million dollars to anyone who can provide proof of an Alien encounter and with Buck the dogs testimony and his standing in the community the money's as good as his. Setting A Trap Now Al's going to set out a trail of socks all in hopes of catching that million dollar photo, but after waiting more than 3 hours the Aliens never show up. Frustrated, he decides to to just go to bed, and it's when Al takes off his socks that he's been wearing which will be the signal that the Aliens need to return. Photo Ops From here there's just a lot of fun to be had here as Al and the Aliens have a photo shoot. Now as we pick up we see Al heading to pick up his photos and he's ready to start a whole new life. But this is Al Bundy and when he goes to get his pick that photo clerk asks him if he knows anything about photo developing. al says "No" and the clerk replies neither do we. Throwing In The Towel With no photo evidence Al has given up. And after smashing his camera over the clerks head Al now has a court date to worry about. Now the Aliens return and Asks them what they use the sock for and they say Isuzu which is Alien for fuel. And while the Aliens will offer to take more pictures Al tells him it's not worth it cause nothing he seems to do will ever count. Hero Of The Galaxy. Unbenounced to Al we will find out that a mighty comment was once a collision course with Earth and many other planets and all would be destroyers, but there was one man who was responsible for providing the fuel for the ships that diverted the comet. And that man was......AL BUNDY!!! Final Thoughts Now I rate this Episode on a scale of 1-10. And I've given some episodes a 10 already but there are some episodes that are so special they deserve a little something more. So Married with Children is getting a 10 out of 10 but also the Number 33 Seal of Greatness. Married With Aliens is so brilliantly written and acted that even after all these years, no matter how many times I've watched this episode I laugh and just have a big smile through the this entire episode making it one of the cream of the crop episodes when I think of Married With Children episodes Now what are your thoughts on the episode Married with Aliens comment down below and if you like Married with Children episode review like this make sure you SUBSCRIBE here to Toned In Entertainment for future videos. #MarriedWithChildren #MarriedWithAliens #Aliens

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