A He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special Look Back Review 1985

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special Look Back Review 1985 If you missed any of my Christmas Holiday Special Reviews they can all be seen here in one playlist 👉🏻 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzd6cv3I1LE8PulE7t5E6be3ipBjGDxHd Welcome back to the 4th and final episode of this year's Holiday Look Backs. Now previously I've reviewed the Cabbage Patch Kids First Christmas The Smurfs Christmas Special and Christmas Comes To Pac Land And now it's time to go back to one of my favorite properties of all time Masters Of The Universe all in hopes that this will be the most that the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special released back in 1985 will be the most powerful holiday special in the Universe! On Eternia preparations are being prepared for a celebration and while it is winter time Christmas is not a known holiday on this planet other than by Queen Marlena who was born on Earth, and this celebration is for her twin children Prince Adam and Adora. Always Thinking Ahead Now just because this is time for a celebration, Man At Arms always has to be thinking one step ahead because Skeletor could be up to no good at anytime and his latest project is something called the sky spy, but before he has a chance to make sure it's all good to go, Orko will accidentally be its first test pilot. On The Run Now Skeletor will see the sky spy in action and will try and get his greedy paws on it but he will have He-Man and She-Ra to contend with which will give Orko a chance to escape and use one of his magic spells to try and disappear, the only thing is he will not land back on Eternia but Earth No Harm No Foul Now Man at Arms and friends won't be upset about losing the sky spy, that is until they realize that Orko is gone and all alone. Just moments after Orko crash lands on Earth he befriends a brother and sister by the name of Miguel and Alicia Christmas Education With the Sky Spie in disarray and Orko's hopes of getting back home looking bleak, Miguel and Alicia fill Orko in on what exactly Christmas is from everything from the origins in Bethlehem to of course Santa Clause and of course presents. Now back on Eternia Man at Arms does have a solution but it's going to require help from She-ra and her friends as they will need a water crystal that can only be found on Etheria. Girl Power Now when it comes to getting the water Crystal, yes there will be some obstacles in the way like the beast monster but these will serve as mere distractions as She-Ra will be able to obtain the water crystal, get it back to MAn at Arms and they will be able to beam Orko back. Just one thing he also has brought Miguel and Alicia along with him. Who's The Baddest Of Them All With Miguel and Alicia on Eternia it has Horde Prime up in arms The Battle Of The Baddest Now with the water crystal having to take a few days to recharge it will give Hordak and Skeletor an opportunity to capture the kids. Now along the way Hordak will capture them first we will meet some new friends in the MANchines and in the end it will be Skeletor who will end up flying off with the kids to cash in his reward that is until he's shot down by Hordak. The Christmas Spirit Now this is probably my favorite part of this episode as mean ol' Skeletor actually shows some kindness, as he makes sure the kids and the dog are protected from the harsh winter and monsters they encounter and everytime this kids thank him for being nice, Skeletor has a very hard time coming to terms that he might actually have a kind side. There will be an altercation between He-Man She-Ra and Hordak and Horde Prime that will end up leaving Miguel and Alicia in serious danger, and it will be none other than Skeletor who knows he'll have to pay for his actions of good deeds that will save the children. In Conclusion In the end Skeletor who have his heart filled with Love and Joy and She-Ra will be there to reassure him not to fret that Christmnas only comes one time a year, the Kids will make it home safely to celebrate Christmas with their parents and He-Man She-Ra and friends will now all celebrate this Newly learned about holiday. Do I Recommend the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special? Yes I do, I know as a child I loved this one, had it on VHS and watched it many many times, and here in 2021 I still really had a good time rewatching this blast from my past. Where To Watch It As of this recording the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special is streaming fro free with limited commercials on Tubi as well as it being on the official Masters of The Universe YouTube Channel as well. Final Thoughts On a scale of 1-10 I'm giving the He-Man and She Ra Christmas special a 9 out of 10 and that makes it my favorite Holiday special look back this year. It's a longer He-Man episode at its core with plenty of action but sprinkled in a nice way to make this a Christmas special that's believable in this universe. #HeMan #SheRa #MastersOfTheUniverse

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