Ignite The Fire

This is a stacked card featuring a battle of the brawn as Big Joe goes against Simon Miller, a passing of the torch as Dean Allmark takes on Kid Lykos 2 and a hard hitting TNT Ignition Championship match as Soner Dursun defends the belt against Chris Ridgeway.

Match Card: Singles Match Craig West vs. Kameron Solas Singles Match Chase Alexander vs. Tom Thelwell Singles Match Jack Griffiths vs. Scott Oberman Singles Match Jayde vs. Alexxis Falcon Tag Team Match The Young Guns (Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs) vs. Escaping The Midcard (Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper) TNT Ultra X Title Match Kid Lykos II (c) vs. Dean Allmark Singles Match Simon Miller vs. Big Guns Joe TNT IGNition Title Match Soner Dursun (c) vs. Chris Ridgeway

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