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Style 'n' Profile With Kevin Kelly

"New t-shirt, Rich Baker'll be on it!" - Kevin Kelly Welcome to our brand new interview with the amazing Mr. Kevin Kelly! We've been honoured to work with Kevin on multiple t-shirt designs. He's also been a great friend over the last 3 years. In this interview, we delve a little deeper into the stories behind the designs, as well as touching on plenty of wrestling as well. Find Kevin Kelly here: Twitter: Instagram: To help support Style 'n' Profile, you can grab exclusive wrestling merch at our website Find us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: https://instagram/stylenprofiledesign Music written exclusively for Style 'n' Profile by Joe Saunders. Check out more of his music at Don't forget to comment below if there's a guest you'd like us to have on for future episodes! Thanks for watching!

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