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Style 'n' Profile With Alicia Atout

"I was literally thrown into ring announcing, commentary, and even interviewing on the spot. All I'm saying is take chances and don't be scared of failure. It's totally worth the risk." - Alicia Atout Welcome to our brand new interview with The Interview Queen, Alicia Atout! We've created 10 shirt designs for Alicia, as well as stickers and more. She's always been a driving force behind our work, and it's always great working with her. In this interview, we delve a little deeper into the stories behind the designs, plus, we talk about her incendiary Twitter beef with Salnia De La Renta. Find Alicia Atout here: Store: Twitter: Instagram: To help support Style 'n' Profile, you can grab exclusive wrestling merch at our website Find us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: https://instagram/stylenprofiledesign Music written exclusively for Style 'n' Profile by Joe Saunders. Check out more of his music at Don't forget to comment below if there's a guest you'd like us to have on for future episodes! Thanks for watching!

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