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PWA Sole Survivor 3

For the 3rd time, 30 wrestlers will compete in one of the most challenging and unpredictable matches in PWA

PWA Sole Survivor 3 combines 2 of Pro Wrestling Allstars’ events. For the 3rd time, 30 wrestlers will compete in one of the most challenging and unpredictable matches in PWA. 2 wrestlers will start, and every 60 seconds a new combatant will enter the match. Elimination occurs when a participant is thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. When all 30 participants have entered, and the final 2 wrestlers are in the ring, the over the top rope elimination rules are dismissed and the only way to be victorious is by pinfall, submission or knockout. This year, the Sole Survivor is combined with the annual PWA Catch Cup trophy. The Catch Cup was introduced to PWA in 2010 and was known Belgian Catch Cup. The first edition was a elimination tournament featuring 8 Belgian participants. In 2012 the tournament was dubbed as the Catch Cup tournament and the event was no longer restricted to Belgian participants, but became open for international talents. Since the 2013 edition, the winner also received a contract for a title match of their choosing. Over the years, the trophy was being defended in many different matches. It has been on the line during tournaments and battle royals. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Catch Cup and the trophy is at stake during the third edition of the Sole Survivor match. Card: SLAM! Title Match Leo Leroi vs Daniel Sparks (c) PWA Tag Team Title Threeway Match Warriors of the World (Rob Raw & Rex Rage) (c) vs The Real Heroes (Spike Bones & Jason TNK) (w/ Nina) vs Student Union (John Francis & Rocky Jones) (w/ Miss Hayes) PWA Queen of Diamonds Title Match Amale vs Jami Sparx (c) Sam Bellamy Promo Singles Match - Loser becomes the #1 entrant in the Sole Survivor match Zafar Ameen (w/ Gabriel Angelfyre) vs Tamas Szabo PWA DareDevil Title Match Ruby Radley (c) vs Scotty Valentine vs Benjamin Van Es PWA European Allstar Title Match Fabulous Nicky (c) vs El Normalico PWA European Allstar Title Match Fabulous Nicky (c) vs Johnny Evers 30 Person Sole Survivor Match Tamas Szabo vs Steve Venom vs El Normalico vs Keith Mercer vs Dante Mercer vs Leo Leroi vs Spike Bones vs Jami Sparx vs John Francis vs Rocky Jones vs Miss Hayes vs Jason TNK vs Asriel Walker vs Amale vs Sam Bellamy vs Daniel Sparks vs Rex Rage vs Rob Raw vs Johnny Evers vs Fabulous Nicky vs Rami Romeo vs Scotty Valentine vs Zafar Ameen vs George Meddleson vs Remy Avery vs Ruby Radley vs Benjamin Van Es vs Gabriel Angelfyre vs Mauro Wit


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