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Pro Wrestling? Pro Wrestling Allstars is thé place to be then! This organisation has been providing the world with athletic and intense entertainment since 2008.

But what exactly is 'pro wrestling', I hear you ponder. It is an extravagant blend of martial arts and entertainment, for each and everyone's pleasure. During a show you will encounter pain and joy, over the top stunts and flashy performers in an event that has no equal. Spectators will be awed and entertained and can gaze in wonder at the insane matches that will leave everyone on the edge of their seats. Pro Wrestling has quite some popularity in the United States, Japan and Mexico, but has begun its conquest of Europe as well. Our wrestlers do not only hail from our native soil Belgium, but also from The Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary and the United States. Our athletes have performed all over the world as well, so you will always have the opportunity to cheer current or future superstars! Pro Wrestling Allstars offers entertainment for the whole family during each and every show and fans are encouraged to fully cheer for their chosen wrestler, be they male or female. Interaction is the key. Watch your favourite wrestler overcome massive odds and claim that hard-earned victory! Pro Wrestling Allstars regularly has shows in Belgium. In the past there have been shows in Boom (Pro Wrestling Allstars' home base) and Mechelen/Malines, but you can also find us on different locations throughout Belgium. Do YOU want to see one of our spectacular shows in the flesh and have an adrenalin-filled night of awesomeness? Keep your eyes peeled to our website or join us on Facebook at!

Pro Wrestling Allstars
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