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KMX - BTC - Wrestlers need to see this! It’s episode three and we are still here and in today’s episode we speak to someone who could become a wrestlers best friend when it comes to merchandise. We speak to Co Owner of On The Gear, Rhonda. We talk how she set up a business a week before a global pandemic caused havoc on the wrestling scene, why she set up the business and what she took from being a wrestler to help fellow colleagues. Also which talent surprised her the most with there sales and how she gives a personal touch to her business and looks after the fans as well as the wrestlers. KMX - BTC - Wrestlers need to see this! Contents of video 0:00 - Introduction 01:52 - Reason for setting up 05:26 - How did you set it up 10:36 - Personal Touch 12:22 - How to get On The Gear 14:40 - Fashion 15:16 - New website 15:56 - Create your own 17:53 - Bulk orders 18:27 - Turnaround 20:29 - Honesty 21:17 - Not just wrestling tees 23:03 - Future plans 24:32 - Surprises 25:49 - Want to work with 26:21 - Work merch for promotions 27:02 - How to contact OTG 🎧 Find our Beats here- https://www.beatstars.com/kayfabemusicuk 📩 Email- [email protected] 📸 Instagram - @kayfabemusicuk 📘 Facebook - @kayfabemusicuk 🐦 Twitter - @kayfabemusicuk 📺 YouTube - Kayfabe Music UK Copyright owner - Kayfabe Music UK Thank you to Rhonda and here are all the links to On The Gear Email - [email protected] Facebook - @onthegear Instagram - @onthegear Website - https://www.onthegear.co.uk/ Videos courtesy of The Lads - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQaQ6NEo2yos_fSDT0725g Effy -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs9mYSFtFr4r1DShdpUpmQQ KMX - BTC - Wrestlers need to see this!

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