Pukka No.2 - Darian Bengston Interview Part 2

In this episode we follow up with part 2 of our interview with Darian Bengston. We hear about his grandfather who helped produce a track we have all danced to at a wedding. We also talk about the chant he wants to hear at shows and also where will he end up? Oh and the first ever listen to his brand new track with the title of it inspired by mentor Greg Burridge. Produced by Kayfabe Music U.K. with lyrics by Darian Bengston. Contents of video 00:00 - Introduction 00:52 - Crowd Reaction 02:13 - Making my Entrance 03:46 - Kayfabe moment 05:42 - Music Background 07:26 - Extension of me 09:43 - The Process 11:44 - The Lyrics 12:59 - Inspiration Behind Track Name 15:17 - Career Path 16:20 - Pukka No.2 📩 Email- [email protected] 📸 Instagram - @kayfabemusicuk 📘 Facebook - @kayfabemusicuk 🐦 Twitter - @kayfabemusicuk 📺 YouTube - Kayfabe Music UK Darian Bengston Instagram - @lordbengston Twitter - @darianbengston Copyright owner - Kayfabe Music UK

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