Ospreay Prodigy an Interview with Callum Newman

In this episode of KMX Behind the Curtain we talk with 18 year old Callum Newman. Wrestling for 10 years he has been coached by some of the best the UK has to offer, in Greg Burridge and Garry Vanderhorne, Will Ospreay, Kosta K and Tom Dawkins aka Cara Noir. We talk how he got started and how it almost ended before a seminar with his inspiration Will Ospreay changed his mind. We talk his first match and gimmick and how he has transitioned from CJ SIlver - Neon Dragon - Pure/Dark Britannio to finally The Prince Of Pace Callum Newman. He also fantasy books his dream match and has to decide who he prefers Will Ospreay or Bea Priestly. Make sure you check out all out other videos on our channel and make sure you like a subscribe to the channel. 📩 Email- [email protected] 📸 Instagram - @kayfabemusicuk 📘 Facebook - @kayfabemusicuk 🐦 Twitter - @kayfabemusicuk 📺 YouTube - Kayfabe Music UK 📸 Instagram - @PrinceofPace_CN 🐦 Twitter - @PrinceofPaceCN Videos- WWE TNA Lucha Britania Triple L Wrestleforce

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