Get Booked in Wrestling a chat with Dann Read

In our second instalment of Behind The Curtain we follow up our first interview with part two with Pro Wrestling Eve and XWA Promoter Dann Read. In this episode we talk about what to look for in a training school. Also how Dann thinks you could make wrestling training safer and should under 18's train to be wrestlers? We also talk the good the bad and the ugly in terms of how to approach a promoter to get booked. Also Dann breaks down the best things to do if approaching him to get booked and which two wrestlers impressed him the most? Contents of video 0:00 - Introduction 0:55 - Getting Started 01:27 - Under 18 02:05 - Head Injuries 06:30 - Speak to People 07:13 - Approaching Promoters 09:42 - What to Send 11:55 - Promos 13:03 - Entrance Music 14:03 - Versatility 16:04 - Custom Music 17:15 - What not to Send 19:57 - Men want on EVE 20:25 - Know the Job 🎧 Find our Beats here- 📩 Email- [email protected] 📸 Instagram - @kayfabemusicuk 📘 Facebook - @kayfabemusicuk 🐦 Twitter - @kayfabemusicuk 📺 YouTube - Kayfabe Music UK Copyright owner - Kayfabe Music UK Videos courtesy of Pro Wrestling Eve

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