A Brexit Nightmare - Darian Bengston Interview

In Episode 4 we go Behind the Curtain with Darian Bengston. In what we have called A Brexit Nightmare. We talk how he went from a royal acting school to wrestling and has taken all the knowledge to excel his career in just over a year to be now training at the Nightmare Factory. But it wasn't all easy with Brexit and a Global pandemic putting a halt to his training in the UK. Also we talk DDP Yoga, chops from Kosta K and that loser leave lucha match vs callum newman. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe as part two will have the exclusive first listen on our collaboration track with Darian. Contents of this video 00:00 - Introduction 00:50 - Where did you start? 02:05 - Change is Lucha 04:53 - Artist to Wrestling 09:40 - The New Blood 12:25 - Visa and Brexit 14:12 - Loser leaves Lucha 17:35 - American Dream 20:05 - DDP Yoga 21:11 - Amazon Prime Documentaries 21:46 - End of Part 1 📩 Email- [email protected] 📸 Instagram - @kayfabemusicuk 📘 Facebook - @kayfabemusicuk 🐦 Twitter - @kayfabemusicuk 📺 YouTube - Kayfabe Music UK Darian Bengston Instagram - @lordbengston Twitter - @darianbengston Copyright owner - Kayfabe Music UK Videos Lucha Britania London Lucha League Kosta K Relentless Movie Trailer - DDP WWE Nxt UK

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