Encore 2019

A stacked card featuring a Title vs Title - UKWA vs FUSION Pro match

Match Card: CCW Welsh Championship No.1 Contender - Joey Marcus Vs Matt Burns Vs Ashton Lover ​ CCW Welsh Championship - Pastor Everett Teague(c) Vs G-Force Trent Adams & The Golden Bee Vs Tombstone ​ Reinhard Vs Douggie Mathews ​ Title vs Title - UKWA vs FUSION Pro AJ Hughes (FUSION Pro) Vs Charles Kelsey (UKWA) ​ FUSION Pro Tag Team Championship - The Creed(c) (Pequeno Loco & Krimson Kage) Vs AnarKy (Jay Shelley & Jared Gorwick) ​ Over The Top Rope Invitational

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