About Powered4TV

Welcome to Powered4TV! The UKs biggest Video On Demand site for the best in Independent Wrestling.

In this document we will outline who we are, what we do, what to expect from us and what we expect of our partners.

At the end there will be an FAQ section for the more common queries, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss. You can do this by emailing us at [email protected]

What is Powered4?

Powered4TV at it’s core is a Video On Demand (VOD) Platform. We host your content so fans can access it 24/7 from wherever they are and on almost any device they want.

However, the service does not stop there, Powered4 comes with a range of other services that you won’t find elsewhere, details of these services can be found below.

What do I get?

When signing up to become a partner with us, you get access to the following services:

  • Hosting of your content
  • A referral code for your promotion
    • This gives your fans a discount accessing the platform for the first time in order to trial it
    • This also gives us the ability to track how many fans you’ve sent our way
  • Chaptering of your events
  • Artwork tailored for the site
  • Promotion on our social channels
  • Spotlight your content to our existing subscribers
  • Advice on marketing your content

How does it work?

The process is simple. After your record your live event and you are happy with your final edit, send the content over to us.

We will then go through your event, chaptering the matches and line-ups and sorting artwork for the site. Once we’re done your content will be live on the Powered4 Platform.

Fans can then sign up to the platform and access your content, and all the other content we have to offer for a single price of £7.99 per month.

Depending on your agreement with us, at the end of the month we will work out how much monies are owed to you and pay out via bank transfer, typically arriving within 24 hours.

How do I get paid?

This depends on your agreement with us.

At the moment we have two main payment plans.

Guaranteed Pay out

On the guaranteed pay out plan, you and Powered4 will agree a fixed monetary value to be paid for us to host your back catalogue and new shows. We lock this in for at least 6 months, subject to negotiation. At the end of your fixed term, we can review the agreement to see if it still works for both parties.

Revenue Share

On the revenue share plan, you and Powered4 split the money made from the subscription fees of fans you send our way. There is no limit on how much can be earned this way, however there is also no guaranteed pay out. If none of your fans have signed up with your referral code, then no monies will be due. Conversely, if a hundred people sign up with your code, you could be looking at a healthy pay day.

If a fan signs up with your referral code and cancels their subscription for any period longer than a month, and resigns up at a later date, they are no longer classed as a referral from you and will not factor into your pay out.

Referral codes are single use per new subscriber.

What do I need to do?

To make the most of our services and see the best returns there’s a few things we expect of our partners.


In order for your content to retain the most value, we need to know we’re the only place fans can see your content. Powered4 pride ourselves being the number one place fans can catch the best content from all their favourite promotions for one monthly price. We can’t offer this if fans can get the content on other platforms.

This also includes fans recording at live shows. We all love to take the odd short video and picture for the memory bank and this is fine. However, what’s not fine is if fans are recording whole matches and shows with either high quality cameras or modern smartphones and sharing this freely online after the show. This damages our ability to monetize your content, which in turn damages the revenue you see.


We will always promote your upcoming shows on our social channels. From time to time we may spotlight your content front and centre on the Powered4 platform to give it that extra boost and make sure all customers see it.

However, if your fans are to be able to find your content on demand, they need to know you have partnered with us! We expect all our partners to put out posts from time to time telling their fans where they can catch their favourite shows pointing them to Powered4. Each partner is assigned a referral code when they sign up with us and we can use this to track how many of your fans are coming to the site.

We can assist with promotion by providing examples of what to post on social channels and ideas for how to promote the platform at live events.


To maximise the value of your content, getting the footage to us as soon as possible after the event is critical. Each day that passes is another day where spoilers can be posted, smartphone clips are uploaded, hype for the particular match dies as fans become hyped for your next show.

Additionally, trying to avoid copyrighted music in the tapings ensures we don’t have to deal with any DMCA requests.


How much does it cost me to host my content on Powered4?

Nothing! We don’t charge our partners to host their content.

I own the rights to the video content but it has copyright music, what do I do?

We have dealt with content like this before, please get in touch and we can discuss re-editing the footage to remove the copyrighted content. Please note there may be an additional cost associated with this, but each request will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

I’m already on another site, can I still come onto Powered4?

Of course! We’d still love to have you on board.

When you reach out we can discuss specific terms regarding your content on other site. Ideally we want exclusivity in order to harness the maximum value of your content, but we also understand that past agreements may prevent this. We’re happy to discuss options in this respect.

I own the copyright for an old promotion that no longer does shows, but I have an awesome back catalogue. Can I still join the platform?

Absolutely! We have some great promotions currently on the site in this same situation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will iron out the specifics.

I have loads of raw footage, but I don’t have the ability to edit it. Can you help?

We have helped arrange editing for other partners in the past and can discuss this with you to see if we can help. Please note there may be an additional cost associated with this, but each request will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

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