About Us

We are incredibly passionate about professional wrestling. The four founders share one clear vision at Powered4.tv. The vision includes four key values:

  1. Growth
  2. Loyalty
  3. Open-mindedness
  4. Innovation

Powered4.tv homes over twenty-five wrestling promotions. We also house a variety of unique content creators also.

What makes Powered4.tv uniquely different is that we are NOT just a Video-on-demand service. We see people that sign-up to Powered4.tv as Fans not customers. We are always finding new and innovative ways to make the fans experience using Powered4.tv better.

We have a huge depth of talent and experience in our Media Team that gives Powered4.tv its own identity with various Powered4 Shows and Interviews. We also extend that into doing Press at Various events across the UK.

The key vision is to make Powered4.tv not only a streaming platform for pro-wrestling but to also enhance the fan experience by giving a person-centred approach to each individual wrestling promotion with our very own media team.

We enjoy lots of crossovers into other fields of Sports and Entertainment.

We also believe in supporting all professional wrestling not just the promotions that are on Powered4.tv’s platform. We have absolutely no bias towards wrestling promotions in the world and never shy away from both acknowledging and promoting those that are not under the Powered4.tv umbrella.

We intend to bring as many varieties of pro-wrestling as possible to our streaming platform.

Reach out to us on social media, or contact@powered4.com

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